Wood Wall AGP vs. Steel/Aluminum Wall AGP

Hi, everyone. I'm in the planning/budgeting phase of creating my backyard oasis, and have a few questions about my choices. I'll preface this by stating that I have one Miniature and four Giant Schnauzers, so what I do with my backyard will impact the dogs (the Giants LOVE to swim AND all dogs have pretty much 24/7 access to the backyard through a doggie door). Because I live in an area of Texas with lots of clay and rock, and due to the configuration of my backyard, I believe an 18' round above-ground pool is the best choice for me. I have the pool narrowed down to a few choices, and would appreciate any opinions/advice you may have. I will be hiring a contractor to perform the install. Here are my choices in order of preference:


1. Amazone by Aquabois. (http://aquabois.com/en/products/photos. ... erre_ronde). I can get the Amazone in 18' with basic equipment from Northwest Wholesale (http://www.northwestwholesale.com/pool_ ... d_wood.asp) for about $4,500.00, plus shipping. What I like about it most is the heat-treatment of the wood, and the nine-inch seat rails. From an aesthetic viewpoint, this is my favorite pool.

2. Montebello or Annecy by Taiga Zone/Trevi. Redspools.com has both the Montebello (http://redspools.com/Montebello.asp) and the Annecy (http://redspools.com/Annecy.asp) models, and offer several 'packages'. Of these two, I believe the Montebello model (pine) is probably a better choice than the Annecy (cedar), but I like the appearance of the Annecy model better. These range in price from about $4000 to $5900, depending upon whether I get just the pool, liner and skimmer, or opt for the top-of-the-line package.

3. Crestwood Pools by Crestwood. This is another wood wall pool option. This is my last choice in wood wall pools, because I don't like the absence of seat rails. BUT there are several Crestwood vendors in the States, and I can get a package using Hayward equipment for about $4000 from poolsourcedirect.com (http://www.poolsourcedirect.com/onground.htm).

I am curious to know whether anyone has installed any of the above pools and, if so, how satisfied you are with it. I prefer the look of the wood wall pool, and -- to me, at least -- it seems to obviate the need for a ton of decking (like a splash deck) around the pool. Seems like I could just have a nice small entry platform (say, 10'x4') with stairs built, and not have to take up as much space in my yard. Anyhow, if anyone has had any experience with wood wall pools, I'd really appreciate hearing about any pros/cons of installing this type of pool. Also, I would like to know if pricing of installation by a contractor for this type of pool would be substantially more expensive than a typical steel/aluminum wall pool.


The other pools that I have researched and like are:

(1) Aruba by Cantar, running about $2,500 - $3,000 with equpment package from propools.com (http://www.propools.com/aruba_above_gro ... _pools.php);

(2) Tahitian by Blue Wave, running about $1800 with basic equipment (http://www.aquasuperstore.com/products/ ... 32303.html) at aquasuperstore.com;

(3) [b]Autumn Breeze [/b]by Doughboy (http://www.doughboy-pools.com/img/broch ... eeze08.pdf), running about $2,500 with basic equipment from a Doughboy dealer here in the DFW area; and

(4) Cozumel from Leslie's Pool Supplies Store (no link available) in Grand Prairie, running about $1900.00 without equipment.

The thing is, while I prefer the wood pools I haven't seen any in the DFW area. So I don't know how well they hold up to the Texas heat. But my reasoning is that I can spend about $5000-6000 for a wood pool installed, then another $800.00 or so for a entry deck, OR I could spend $2,000 to $3,000 on a steel/aluminum pool, plus $1000 or so for installation, and then another $3000 to $5000 for a splash deck to cover up the steel walls.

In addition to the pool, I plan to replace my fence with an 8' board on board fence, so this figures into the budget, too. At any rate, since I really know nothing about pools, I can use all the help I can get before I commit to making a purchase -- which will probably be online.

As far as equipment, I will probably go with a sand filter and use Zeobrite media. I will also be adding a salt chlorine generator, and possibly solar heating (pretty much the Solar setup offered with the Montebello pool). If it makes more sense to buy only the pool, liner and skimmer online and then purchase equipment locally, I will do that. I was thinking I'd go with Hayward products. Any insight will be helpful.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I have been researching for about a month and came across this forum. Hopefully, you guys can prevent me from making any mistakes.

Thanks in advance!


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Hey, cini,

Welcome to the forum. Man, that Aquabois pool is one beautiful pool! I have no idea how much help you'll get here because I can't recall a wooden pool being discussed. This forum is a busy place, tho, so maybe you'll get some expert advice.

Aside from the obvious extra maintenance, those pools are as easy to look at as any I've seen. I will follow the thread with interest but am unable to offer any experienced advice.
Hi, Dave! Yes, the Aquabois pools are gorgeous -- very easy to look at. I searched the forum, and could find no reference of anykind to a wood pool; I think they're more common in Canada and Europe, although Crestwood is a New York company and has many distributors on the East Coast. I'm hoping that someone on here either has one, knows someone with one or has installed one. This is what I really want, but I could be moving into unfamiliar territory for any installer . . . and I don't want to affect the warranty by getting something which could prove problematic in terms of installation and/or repair. But I absolutely love the look. And the funny thing is, I would probably try to encase any steel or aluminum pool in wood anyhow. LOL! I'm awaiting feedback from one installer here in the DFW area to determine if he'd be willing and able to install this pool, and I have located a couple of others to contact. No sense in me buying it if I can't find an installer to put it together. And although I am pretty mechanically inclined, I'd prefer to leave this install to a pro. Anyhow, thanks for the welcome.



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Hi cini and welcome to TFP!

Wow, I have never seen a wood wall pool before and they are beautiful!

Hope you have luck getting answers. Please keep us updated with your progress :wink:


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I was intrigued by the wood wall pools also. If you find anything out, please post it here! I do have concerns though. Wood is not a stable product in the environment. It shrinks, expands, rots, etc. but sure looks nice in my opinion, compared to steel side pools. I wonder if they are easier for DIY's to insatll. It would seem that site levelling may not need to be as precise due to the ability of the individual slats to adjust to uneven spots. Plus, no heavy steel panel requiring several people to lift.


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Last year i installed an on ground 27' pool extruded aluminum. These are some of the things i considered when making my decisions. I chose aluminum because of its superior strength and durability. I decided to spend less on the pool and spend the extra on the deck. Most people spend about 20% of time in the pool but 80% of time lounging on the deck.

Also you might want to evaluate the 18' size. If you add walk in steps ( such as wedding cake) you will lose about 5 to 6 feet where they project out into the pool. You might want to take a garden hose and lay it down and around where the pool will be to get a better feel for its size. My 27' round pool is really about 25 1/2' inside dimension ( i think they included top ledge width in the overall number) at it's widest point but tapers in probably 2 to 3' on four sides. My round pool really is more like an octagon shape than a round.

Another point to consider: budget. I went way over budget because of all of the add on's that i hadn't planned on. Such as automatic pool cleaner, timer, solar cover, solar reel, solar heat system, pool lights, vacumning equipment, salt system, pool test kit and then start up chemicals.

This is just food for thought, i hope it helps you in your decisions.


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If your yard is not large enough for anything but an 18' then by all means, these are all excellent choices. I would suggest that if your yard is large enough, go larger if you can. Like Dennis used to say, ANY pool, when installed and maintained correctly, will last for more years than any of us would guess. Nobody has ever complained that they wished they had gone smaller - on the other hand, plenty of people wish they had a larger pool once its in and more than just one person enters the pool!

The wood pools are interesting - not exactly my taste, but then you have to have what YOU want - its your money. If you choose to go with the alternative set - I can say that we had excellent service from ProPools - we have the Seaspray BF Oval from them and love it!
Thanks so much for the responses, Ritz and NWMNMom. Yes, my yard limits me to an 18' round pool. I could possibly fit a 21', but I don't want to take away from the dogs' play area. My yard is limited due to its "L" shape and two 10'x10' patios placed on the side and rear of the house. The side rear yard only has 15' of space between the edge of the patio and the fence, leaving only 10' clearance; the rear has 25' from the edge of the patio to the fence. Thus, I can just fit an 18' round pool and 5'x10' pool deck in the corner of the yard between the vee formed by the two patios. I'll post a drawing once I get it scanned. I've uploaded a photo of the drawing of my backyard and planned pool placement in the flickr set linked below. All things considered (budget, timing, priorities, etc.), I will miss out on this year's swim season. :cry: I absolutely must replace my fence, and that project will be rather expensive if I go with what I really want instead of settling for what will "do." I want to replace the builder's el cheapo pine fence (150 linear feet) with an eight foot red cedar board on board fence with trim, and replace one of my two walk gates with an eight-foot wide double gate (to make it easier for equipment to get into my yard when I build my pool). Thus, this will be my July project, blowing my pool budget. But it's a necessary evil, as I do not want my dogs to get out and either bite someone, get hit by a vehicle or anything else. I don't mind the wait, though, as I have finally decided on a pool -- and I'm going to get what I really want.

I spent about 45 minutes on the phone yesterday with Rich of Crestwood Pools. After our conversation, this is the pool I have decided to go with. Crestwood has a new model called the Easy Do Delaware Pool, and I believe this pool best meets my needs and desires. What convinced me to go in this direction was (1) knowing that I really want a wood wall pool; (2) Crestwood's five year guarantee and 25 year warranty (versus 15 year limited on both AquaBois and Taiga/Trevi); (3) the fact that Crestwood's pool walls are 1-1/2" thick (versus 1" thick on the other wood pools); (4) the equipment (Total Haywood -- 22" filter; correctly-sized pump; skimmer; directional return; and vac set) that comes with the Crestwood pool; and (4) the obvious level of customer service Crestwood is willing to provide (heck, I even told Rich that I probably wouldn't buying for another six months when we first started our conversation, yet he patiently answered every question that I had -- and we were on the phone for 45 minutes!). Rich has even convinced me that *****drumroll, please***** I can install this pool myself! I have found an excavator who will level my pool area for $300.00, and pour me a concrete equipment pad and pool collar (concrete border around pool's radius) for $500.00!!!! The pool package includes the liner, wall foam, skimmer, directional return, filter, pump, stainless deck ladder, vac set, and all hoses and fittings for installation (pretty similar to the pool described .here), but is just a little different (no steel cables). Here's a link to the EZ-Do installation video. I believe I can handle this installation by myself as long as I get someone to level the spot for the pool for me (I could probably do that to, but I'm too lazy and not as young as I used to be). It's almost twice the amount I had planned to spend on a pool, but I think it will be $5000 and change wisely invested. Not to mention the fact that I'll save about $1,000 or more by installing myself.

Now, for those of you single females that installed your own AGP, can you tell from looking at the installation video whether or not this installation would be relatively easy compared to a standard AGP, about the same or more difficult? It looks relatively easy to me. (Then again, I've installed hardwood floors, light fixtures, ceiling fans, ceramic tile and 80' of brick in mortar edging without assistance, so I do think I am reasonably mechanically inclined. LOL!)

Sorry for the ramble -- guess I'm just excited about the prospect.

Here's a link to photos of the EZ-Dool Pool I wish to purchase (the "Delaware" model): http://flickr.com/photos/14747954@N04/s ... 310076150/

I will undoubtedly have tons of questions while waiting, but I know this is the place to get them answered. I hope to find a comprehensive list of necessary pool equipment so I can figure out what additional items I will purchase separately. (I'm already watching automatic cleaners and other stuff on eBay). I just have to decide the best method of sanitization (BBB -- I know it's favored here, chlorine, SWG, natural), so I can figure out if I should order an SWG or Autochlorinator when I order the pool. Also will have questions about placement of equipment pad (I will have an electrician install a dedicated circuit for the pool equipment). In the meantime, I have tons of reading to do -- this forum and its members are a God-send!



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Welcome to TFP!

I just have to decide the best method of sanitization (BBB -- I know it's favored here, chlorine, SWG, natural)
BBB, chlorine, and SWG all use chlorine in one form or another.

I'm looking forward to following your pool installation.



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That is one sharp pool. I also love your cute extended family. I also have 4 dogs, 1 german shepard, 2 miniature jack russel's (the girls) and one midsize mix ??. I plan on training them to enjoy the pool also (great way to give them a bath).

At my previous home i had a 20x40 ig pool and the shepard would fetch ball in the pool. He has hip dysplasia and i think the pool exercise is easier on his and my joints.

anyway keep us posted and don't give up on your dream of a pool. I went 5 years at this new home before i put one in and i really missed it the whole time.

Thanks, Ritz! I'm pretty much getting this pool for the furkids. (Black dogs and Texas heat don't really mix well, even though they live inside!) If things go as planned, we'll be swimming by February/March. In fact, I am going to go ahead and place my order within the next week or so -- just need to fine-tune the equipment package. I've got plenty of other projects around the house to keep me busy until the pool arrives.

I'm sure the furkids are gonna love the pool! And with big dogs, hip displaysia is always a possibility -- swimming is great therapy.

I'll keep you guys posted as things develop.