Wiring Toggle for 115V Two Speed Pump


Jun 13, 2019
Harrisburg, NC
Good Morning,

I'm new here, and new to pools. My wife and I purchased a house in Dec' 2018 with a salt water pool, having never owned a pool before. We're both DIY'ers and took on the challenge whole-heartedly. The pool was terribly green when we opened it up, it's now clear as can be after I diagnosed and replaced the old (failed) IC40 with a new IC60.

Now, running the pump 24/7 is jacking up our electric bill so I looked into options. It's currently wired for 115V so to keep things simple I decided to purchase a B2981 pump motor.
There's 230V landed at the subpanel, but no room in the subpanel to change the pump over to 230V from 115V.

With all that said, I'm struggling to find documentation on how to wire a 115V two speed pump motor. Inyo lists the 2512558-001 canopy/toggle as the option for the B2981, but they only have wiring instructions for 230V.
Has anyone here dealt with this and able to assist? I'm not opposed to drilling and mounting a toggle switch in the blank canopy that will come on the motor either, I would just need to know what to get.
The pump itself is a WhisperFlo WF-24 with a 1HP 1.25SF motor. I already checked the THP of the B2981 and at 3.4HP and 1.67SF it is enough to cover the same THP as well as being the same 56Y frame.

The closest thing I found in search was this: Purchased a SQL1072 3/4 HP 2 Speed 115V
Unfortunately, it didn't really cover how to wire the switch/pump.

Here's a datasheet with wiring diagram for the motor. http://images.inyopools.com/cloud/documents/b2981-5280-4.pdf
If I'm reading this correctly, my 115V Common goes to L2 and I'll need an SPDT switch rated for 115V 12.2A to go in my line wire which would then be connected to L1 for high and A for low speeds, correct?
Or would I need a toggle with 3 positions so I can have the wiring high, low, off?

Thanks to all in advance! ATM

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Jun 22, 2009
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You need a SPDT Center Off switch. You want the center off so that you don't switch directly from one speed to the other.
You are correct that, Neutral should go to L2 (com) and hot should hook to A for low speed and L1 for high speed.


Jun 13, 2019
Harrisburg, NC
OK so something like this switch and boot combo?