Wiring Intelliflo VS Pump and Intellichlor SCG to EasyTouch control system - direct or through relay?


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Jun 15, 2020
I've finally received all the components I need to replace my antiquated system with what I hope will be an upgrade. I am working through the connections on paper, but the various Pentair manuals are not at all clear. The EasyTouch installation manual has instructions to connect the comm cable (p. 19) and a simplified schematic showing a 2 speed pump connected to the pump filter relay on the EasyTouch (p.25). However, the Intellichlor installation manual specifically shows an Intelliflo pump schematic with the pump connected to the load side of the pump filter relay (p.27). Ironically, the pump's installation manual has no schematic at all, and has a largely empty page titled "Connecting to an Automation System".

I read through all the manuals again, and found a clarification that indicates how an Intelliflo pump will work when wired to an on/off relay. Apparently it will start in the same mode as it was in when the relay was switched off. So it seems that it would work fine, but seems odd given the fact that the pump has a motor starter and an intelligent control system (at least that's what I read in the brochure...

Also, there is no clear mention of the type of breaker that must be used for the pump, other than a callout box that lists the PA220GF 2-pole 20 Amp GFCI breaker as a product that Pentair offers.

If the manuals are designed to thoroughly confuse a DIY'er...it's working.

I searched through TFP and found an old post that identified an issue with how someone's system was working as having to do with the Intelliflo pump being wired to the load side of the relay and not directly to power.

I am leaning heavily towards going with the TFP post and ignoring the Pentair manuals... Has anyone come across this issue before and would have a recommendation for me?

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Jul 7, 2014
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The power to the IntelliFlo is never run through a relay.. The pump gets constant AC power...

The power to the IntelliChlor must be run through the Pump/Filter relay.. Just look at the safety warning on the SWCG's power transformer..

The Pump/Filter relay will only close when the IntelliFlo is scheduled to run and you are in either the Auto Pool mode or Spa mode.

This is not the TFP way... It is the Pentair way... Pentair's manuals are written in a "Pentair" and not understandable by humans.. :mrgreen:


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