Winterizing Water Features

Jul 4, 2014
Haslet, TX
This is my first winter with the new pool and last night was the first time the freeze protection came on. I previously installed actuators on the valves for our water features, which are two scuppers and three deck jets, and programmed the controller to open the valves as part of the freeze protection. This all worked great last night, but I noticed this morning that there was quite a bit if water on the decking from the wind blowing the water from the deck jets around.

Is it possible to winterize just the water features of my pool? I only have one pump, but I was thinking I could try to blow out the water from the lines for the water features and then disable the actuators for those valves. The freeze protection would still run the returns, pool cleaner, and main drains. I'm in north Texas, so we don't get much lower than the high 20s very often.

Here are the water features with the pump on high. When the pump is on low, which it is when the freeze protection is on, the deck jets only reach about an inch past the coping.

Nice looking pool! If your normal low temps only get down to the mid or upper 20's, your only real concern is your equipment and ground level, or above-ground, water features (scuppers & deck jets). I would blow them out and make sure the valves don't allow water to circulate through them, and forget it.