Winterizing - leave steps in or take out


Aug 17, 2019
I'm in Southern Middle Tennessee and while it can get cold here, it doesn't get "my whole pool is going to freeze" cold. I do winterize with a cover and I even use a pillow (mostly to keep the leaves and water from collecting smack in the center of the pool), drain below the skimmer, etc.

This year we installed steps for the pool that bolt down to our deck. We weighed them down with a PVC pipe filled with 25lbs of sand.

Here is my question. Do I have to take those steps out? Or can I just remove the rails and leave them bolted to the deck and put my cover on? I do have a ladder mat under it as well.

What would be the cons for this? Algae build up is one thought for me.

This is only my second closing so I want to make sure I open to a clear pool with an intact liner.