Winterizing a 24x52 Intex Metal Frame Pool


Aug 13, 2009
Kodak (East), TN
Hello from East TN!!
I am trying to winterize my Intex 24x52 pool. I have read the instructions in the booklet that it came with and the instructions on TFP for an ABG pool. I am confused....
DO I NEED TO DRAIN ANY OF THE WATER?? TFP says 6" below lowest return/skimmer openings....but the booklet it came with makes NO mention of draining any water, just says to close the Inlet and Outlet Plunger Valves. WHICH IS BEST?? And if I drain the I take the Inlet and Outlet things off and leave the open holes??

I have of course removed all the hoses that connect the pool to the the filter/pump and SWG. And I was in the process of draining some of the water, when I decided to read up more and now I'm more confused.

Also, the booklet makes no mention of air pillows or anchoring. I live in a part of TN that can get up to a couple feet of snow, but not always. Soooo....what is best to do? Could I just leave the water level as is, leave the Inlet and Outlet valves closed but in...and then just plop the cover on and call it a day?

Thanks so much!!


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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
If your hoses are disconnected and drained and you have the option of just closing a couple of valves to seal off the return and the skimmer (which I assume is totally empty)-----no reason why you can't just throw a pillow in and cover it.

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Jul 20, 2010
I assume Intex are aboveground.

Do you expect water to actually freeze? if so, play safe and follow The Pool School's recommendations. Way North, in Canada, Québec, we go as far as 12-18 inches below the skimmer. I wouldn't recommend sealing off either the skimmer nor the water returns: unplug (as in remove) the hose from their fittings instead.

Water level rise that much? It'll sip out.

The reason you add a pillow is to make sure your cover is not at the water's level when the latter freeze. If it was the case this could result in serious damages to the structure.

Also: If you have a drain, take its hose, tie it up the pool's wall to be sure it is always higher than the water level, pour antifreeze in it and plug it. There's often a styrofoam serpentine that can be slipped in: If the hose falls to the ground, Antifreeze and water will rush to the plug thanks to gravity... it will absorb part of the shock and prevent the pool from emptying.

Hope it helps.