winter running question(novice help)


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Jul 14, 2021
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Thinking a bit ahead but don't won't to be caught off guard this fall. We are 3-4 weeks into getting our new pool up and running. It is a SWG vinyl liner pool. We choose not to have a winter cover installed and want to keep the pool running throughout the year. It has a Omnilogic Pl control unit that has the winter freeze protection.
My question is if i understand right the swg does not operate when the water gets to winter temps. what do people do about keeping the pool sanitized / chlorine through the winter months?
We live in middle Tennessee . Temps get pretty cold in Jan and Feb. We will have a few several sub freezing nights and days.
We also usually have several speeds on 50-65 degree days those same months and for sure the months leading up to and after those .
I want to keep the pool running and have it ready as soon as the spring temps stabilize.
Our pool has ( well will have ) a rico rock 4ft waterfall that we will winterize. But also a tanning ledge with bubblers and a deep end win out that has 4 jets that i want to keep running.

What type of and how do most people sanitize during cold months that leave the pool close to summer start up . i feel we will definitely have algae issues during mild winter months without keep stable chlorine levels . Im totally unknowledgeable of what to use or how to use it.

Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks


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May 3, 2014
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And test the same as summer months? Keep all other levels the same?
Liquid chlorine, as in Sodium hypochlorite i assume?
You need to continue to test. During cold water you can test once a week.
Yes, keep everything in the normal ranges.
Liquid chlorine is sodium hypochlorite is bleach.