Winter pool water loss


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Apr 12, 2015
Hello everyone. Wanting some input on this.

I live in Illinois--so still have a while until I open the pool for the summer. I usually fill my water line up and over the top screw in my skimmer cover to help keep the automatic cover from dropping too low. However, I have noticed that my pool cover was dropping pretty low. I pulled the cover back today to check the water level and it is approximately 8 inches lower than it was in late September when I closed the pool.

With a 32,000 gallon pool--this is a lot of water. I am assuming I have a leak somewhere. Is there anything I can or should do for this?
Oct 7, 2013
I live outside the Chicago area. I too found my water level about 5 inches lower than when closed in october. We had only one real snow event this winter, little rain, and a late freeze. I believe the issue was just evaporation especially with the strange temperature changes we had this winter