Winter pool maintenance in the desert


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Jun 14, 2022
Learned a lot through this site this past summer about pool care in the desert. After getting an RO filtration treatment and pool tile cleaning, my procedure has settled in to where I can pretty much predict my FC and pH readings and how much/when to add LC and/or MA. I haven't had any more thoughts about adding anything other than those 2 chemicals. The pool looks so much better than it ever did with the pool service.

As the weather and water temperature have started to cool, I've now noticed that I can start skipping a day here and there with FC/pH testing and addition of chemicals. Wondering what I might expect during the winter months. Any tips or suggestions about how much I will be able to reduce the frequency of pool tests and chemical additions during the desert winter? I'm hoping that I may be able to get down to 1 test and FC/MA adjustment per week or even less.

The pool will stay uncovered. My pump currently runs 12 hours a day (6 hours at 2500rpm and 6 hours at 1550 rpm. I will reduce that by maybe half. The pump also has a setting to run automatically if the temperature drops enough to potentially become a freezing risk.

Summer maintenance: My CYA is currently 42 ppm and I've been keeping FC between 3.5 to 6. Generally, if I measure FC at 5 ppm or greater then I skip my LC addition and wait until the next day's test. When I add LC, I add 64 oz which raises FC by 2.5 ppm. My FC did drop to 3 ppm once but it didn't seem to cause a problem.

What I'm wondering is, during the winter would it be bad if I let FC drop even below 3 ppm? Since the water will be cold and algae growth slowed or stopped, can I be safe to just monitor the water temperature and as soon as it starts to warm I just slam the pool and then go back to my warm weather maintenance? What are some experiences of others with pool maintenance in the desert southwest?
FC 3.5
pH 8 (Will be adding MA to reduce to 7.4. pH increases by .1ppm/day)
TA 60
CH 210
CYA 41
CSI .19
Water temperature 80 degrees
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