Winter covers that last longer than a couple years.


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May 17, 2010
West Tn.
I am getting ready to winterize my 30ft round above ground and am wondering if anyone has any new tricks or has found a superior cover under $300. I am going to attempt to get a third season on my cover but it already has some small rips around some of the eye loops so I am sure it will be trash by next spring. One issue I have is wind that is strong enough to blow up sometimes up to half of the cover. I have tried small vinyl clips that the hold cover flatter aganst top flange, and even a plastic stretch wrap around the flange area going down below cover cord area. The wrap did until out first freeze and the wrap lost it's adhesion and soon sliped off. I did upgrade to a mid priced cover which at best has gained me another year compared to others I have used the past 6 years. I only have decking coverage for about 1/3 of the perimeter. I thought about partially filled plastic jugs laid on cover close to edge attached to string from side so not to just roll off to center or sink the cover.


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Jul 8, 2009
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IMHO, these covers aren't manufactured to last more than a couple of years. Planned obsolescence=continued business and revenue. At this point in time, if we can put a man on the moon and build "smart" phones you'd think someone would come up with a better idea for a cover that will last, but until then here is what I do in NE Ohio for the winter. I am assuming you live in a place where winter can get nasty with wind and rain and perhaps snow?

We use the cable that comes with the cover and the very "sturdy" ratchettypethingy and begin by really tightening the cord as much as possile and then crank it down again. Definitely need more than one or two people for this job. Next, we use the gallon bleach bottle loaded with water on a bungee cord and put one on almost every grommet on the perimeter of the cover. It is a PITA to get under the deck to do it, but we do. :evil:

As for the wind gusts which pick up a cover on a moment's notice, we have to go outside and readjust after it is done, HOWEVER if we have our cover cinched as tightly as possible and bottles on every grommet chances are good that it will stay in place. As for the bungee cords, make sure they allow the bottle to just touch the ground. I don't like swinging bottles banging against the side of the pool. The added stress of the hanging bottle (approx. 8lbs each when filled using water) adds to the degradation of the cover around the grommet, again, IMHO.

Sigh a heavy sigh and trudge slowly and sorrowfully into the house as your job outside is done and no more looking at beautiful clean clear sanitized water for another crappy yucky disgusting winter season. Keep reading here and before you know it, the sun will be out and the birds will be singing (and pooping on the pool cover) and voila! It will be time to reopen the pool. But that's for another thread :-D


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Apr 4, 2007
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Sometimes the best solution is no cover at all. If you don't have much trouble with leaves in the pool, that may be your answer.


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May 17, 2010
West Tn.
Thanks guys. Dora I will give that a try. I am in Tn. so not much trouble with snow and I have actually never had enough wind to pull the cover over the top flange, it just puffs up like a balloon and whips around causing tearing.
Jon I thought about skipping a cover but even though I don't have a major leaf issue, I do get a lot of junk on cover that I would rather not clean. It may be a toss up. Elbow grease dealing with cover.......elbow grease cleaning out extra junk in non-covered pool.


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Mar 7, 2010
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Got my 30 ft agp 2002, just replaced cover first time last year, no jugs, just the cable, usually put an inch or so of water on top so it doesn't blow as much. When I siphon water off, just leave some on, don't siphon while there's ice, only if it's completely melted). Those air pillows are worthless, went through three of them, replaced it with a 10.00x20 truck tire inner tube, this'll be the third year for it haven't had a bit of trouble. The only trouble I have is the swamp I get by spring and getting it off without it ending up in the pool.

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