Winter Cover sizing


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May 13, 2007
I have a 24' round AG pool and last winter we had a 24' winter cover on it. Even though I tied milkjugs to it, the wind would billow under it and over the winter it rubbed the finish off some of the aluminum top plates.

The cover barely went over the edge of the top plates in most locations. I was thinking about using a 28' round cover this year and using the jugs/clips/wires to hold it down. This way, with the edges of the winter cover over the top plate and down the side of the pool, it might resist the wind getting up the corners of the cover.

Does anyone else use larger winter covers than the size of their pool?


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May 23, 2007
Montreal Canada
Mine's an 18' and I think my winter cover is a 21' (came with the house). I keep it down with clamps from the dollar store:[attachment=0:y562bdgq]pool.jpg[/attachment:y562bdgq]

My error was clamping down the cover when it was too taut, the weight of the snow caused it to tear at some places. This time I'll leave it so it just touches the water (the pool is drained 2/3).


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May 30, 2008
Fort Gratiot MI
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What do you mean you clamped it down with clamps from the dollar store, what kind of clamps? Also did you have to use alot of them and did you attach them to the top rail?

I ask as this is my first year of closing a pool in a very long time and I dont rmemeber anything at all about the closing of it.



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May 23, 2007
Montreal Canada
I didn't take out the winter cover just yet so I used a dish towel in its place just to show what I mean:[attachment=0:190s5lmn]DSCF6203.JPG[/attachment:190s5lmn]

Because of the way the pool is constructed I'm able to attach the clamps to the 2x4s along the pool. There's nothing holding the cover to the top rail but that may certainly be an option. Actually I may just do that this year.


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Jun 22, 2008
Bel Air, MD
Here`s another suggestion, last winter I used bungee cords which went through the grommets of the liner and then attached them to stakes in the ground. Prior to that I had used the milk jugs and had the same problem with chafing and rubbing off of the paint. It was also a time consuming task! I live in northern MD and had no issues with the big, hard plastic stakes coming out of the ground. I found this method easy and it allowed a little give as well.
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