Winter begs question: Upgrading SuperFlo to VS?


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Apr 9, 2020
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Hi Everyone,
We had a pool built earlier this spring and I wish I found this site as we were in the building phase! So far TFP has helped me navigate and stay on top of the maintenance including my first SLAM process a month ago - so thanks!

We have a pool/spa combo and deck fountains, and I wish I knew enough at the time to get a VSP installed; instead we have a single speed at the builder's default recommendation. So my questions all relate to the fact that I'd like to keep the spa open in the winter but won't be using the pool, but have a few issues I'm aware of:
  • I'll have to run the pump 24/7 to keep the pipes from freezing and the current pump is an energy hog.
  • The way the plumbing is set the pool return includes one return to the spa (e.g., in Pool mode, the spa gets water as well; there is no way to circulate the pool only without cooling off the spa). Spa can be isolated to heat in Spa Mode, though a small amount of cold creeps in from the single return connected to the same Pool return.
    • I don't think there's a way I can fully winterize the pool (partially drain and plug) in isolation of the spa - correct? I think I have to keep the pool liquid - heated to 60F or so at all times.
I've found the VSP SuperFlo online (I'd like to stick with Pentair), however is a pump swap something I could do easily myself? Pentair otherwise requires professional installation for full warranty. I'm not clear if such a swap requires something like a Digital Input Kit (353129Z) if I already have ScreenLogic set up?


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Jul 7, 2014
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If you have ScreenLogic, then you have an EasyTouch automation system.. Only an idiot pool builder would install an EasyTouch without an IntelliFlo pump. The IntelliFlo is the only pump that Pentair automation can control via the RS-485 com port as it is designed to do. It would not make any sense to upgrade the pump to anything else.

I doubt that you can keep your spa open and close the pool, but then I live in Texas and we don't close our pools down here.


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