Will two small pumps clean as well as one stronger pump?


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May 8, 2020
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I've got a 6450 gallon AG pool that came with a 0.15 HP 1000 GPH cartridge filter pump. It can't get my water clear.

My friend has an unused 0.37 HP 1500 GPH Flowclear sand filter pump that she'll sell me for $50.

My other main option is an Intex sand filter pump with saltwater combo unit. It's 0.75HP and 2650 GPH. This was $415 after tax, but I can return it unopened and get my money back.

Will the 1500 GPH get my 18 ft pool clean by itself? Or if I cut new holes, would running both pumps do the job?

Or is the 0.75 HP pump my best bet for keeping my water clear?

(I've slammed for weeks, and do not lose chlorine overnight. The water is clear, but with fine dust that settles on the bottom of the pool. I keep vacuuming it up and brushing the in hopes of the filter will clean it up, but have had zero luck with this.)


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I have to tell you something you don't want to hear. You likely still have an algae problem, not a filtration problem. The fine dust that settles is likely dead algae. That means more to us as a clue than no chlorine loss overnight. No amount of filtration will get rid of algae. It takes chlorine and patience.
I will say that all the Intex options you are considering are notoriously poor at filtering out the stuff in the water.
Running both pumps isn't the answer. From where is sit (on my couch) you have 2 options. If you want to go with a salt water system so you don't have to manually add chlorine, then go that route. If you can get the 1500 gph pump/sand filter cheap, then I would use that over the cartridge filter.

Post up some test results from your K-2006C and lets get your pool cleared up. How about a picture with the brush in the water as a reference.
You are brushing daily? Checking chlorine & adding at least 4 times a day?


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The .75 hp and filter is going to do the best job at cleaning up debris, if you have passed the other slam criteria and just cant get the debris out. A current picture and set of test results will help us know better how to advise you, but I do think you will be happier with the larger pump's performance in the long run.


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I think the larger pump is much better but pumps have virtually nothing to do with getting that "dust" out........it's dead algae. You almost certainly have a chemistry issue.
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