Will scaling lessen over time?


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Nov 27, 2020
It took me awhile (2.5 months, really) to get a hang of water balancing (with a lot of support from this forum; thanks everyone). I am literally at a CSI of 0 today and the water looks great. However, over those 2+ months, I got a bit of scaling. Nothing awful, but noticeable on my blue plaster walls. With well balanced water, will this just remain there forever until I drain and acid wash, or will the calcium eventually re-dissolve a bit? I've hit the worst spots with a cleaner that fizzled it away, but the bulk of it has manifested as a very thin layer over much of the pool. Will time help any to bring back the true color of the plaster?


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May 3, 2014
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By lowering your CSI to below -0.3, you will slowly begin to dissolve the scale, if below the waterline.
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