Will a Hayward EC50AC work with my setup?

Sep 20, 2013
Central Florida
Hey TFPers! Hoping you can help us out. I have a 20 y.o. stainless steel DE filter 36 sf on a 13,500 in ground gallon, the filter is working fine, but am considering replacing it as I believe we may be near the end of it's life. Woot has a good deal on a Hayward EC50AC rated for 30,000 gallons, but that is listed at 25 sf, which is causing me to question it (since our old one is a 36 sf). The manual also shows a preferred installation below the waterline. My location is above the waterline, which they show as alternate. My pool is not screened in and has a Laurel oak tree above it, so we see a fair amount of debris in the pool. Thoughts on this filter for our setup? Anyone use it similarly?

Thanks in advance!
Sep 20, 2013
Central Florida
Actually the pump says hp: 1.5 spl
Read somewhere that is a double up and therefore more like 3/4 hp!? Also my current filter is basically a pentair nautilus de 36 sf. 2 inch pipe connections at the equipment and valves but appears to step down to 1 1/2" below grade for supply and 3 return lines. The hayward in question has 1 1/2 fittings
I can handle with bushing reducers.

Would this be a good fit. Or would I be regretting ??



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Jun 10, 2012
Labelle, TX
I would look at the EC75A. That is a 40sf filter. They also sell it as a stand alone or kit with pump. If your pump is fine then you can save some money. The problems with the combo is it only has a union between the pump and filter. With a stand alone, I would put a no lube 3 way between them so you can vacuum it waste. With the bump type filter you have no backwash. You bump it and drain the used de out the bottom. They really are designed for AGP because of the way you wash the de out. It uses the head pressure to flush it out.
All the EC filters are 1 1/2 that I know of. You would have to use a 1 1/2 male to 2 slip.


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May 19, 2010
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Aren't the ec filters the bump type filters? The sqft of those can be a little less than what you would want for a regular type DE filter.

Btw, for a normal DE filter, 36sqft is the size I would recommend, so I think the ec50 may work fine.


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Aug 17, 2012
Elverson Pa.
I use an EC65 on my AG pool. Filter works great for my situation. I agree they seem to be geared more towards AG pools, but I've seen them used on IG's. Hayward states the EC65,EC75 are for IG pools and the EC40,EC50 are for AG pool's.
You can try using a nylon knee high over your skimmer basket for the debris from the tree. It'll catch a lot of junk before it hits your filter so check often so you don't starve your pump of water. They work great in pollen season. I use them all the time. 😎
Sep 20, 2013
Central Florida
Thanks folks. Just found out my friend has a ec75a also for his 10000 gallon ig. Previously had the 65 and he likes the 75 better. My pool gets way dirtier so I am going to agree with the recommendations to look at the bigger filter. Appreciate the Input
That could be a good deal for someone with the right setup Though!