Will a Circupool Core35 remember its settings when powered from a timer (120V)?


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Jul 18, 2018
N. Central, ID
I have a "plug and play" Core35 SWG coming from Discount Salt Pool. If I follow various TFP forum members' "fail safe" recommendations and plug it into a 120V timer that only powers-up the Core35 during periods when my pump timer runs the pump, will the Core35 remember its settings? I assume Core settings are "sticky" after power cycling or I would have probably read some discussions about this potential pitfall that I only thought about after I ordered the Core.

I guess I could always wire it to the 240V pump timer. It should not draw very much current at 240V (which it also supports, "plug and play" style) but I can't find any specific 240V load specs for it either.
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