Wild Animals Friends That Like to Use My Pool


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Sep 26, 2013
Charleston, SC
That is cool... It looks like a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. We don't get those on our coast.
It is a night heron. Their nesting grounds have been displaced by all the development so they now nest in trees over land instead of marsh. The gangly falls from the nests usually don't end well.


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Jul 18, 2018
Southern New Mexico
Bats skim our pool nightly for a drink after their long hot day spent in our neighbors attic (we've counted as many as 200 dripping out of the eave) under the hot Carolina sun. When we see the first one skim the pool, we move out of the "runway" to allow them their drink. We have never once felt the least bit skittish as they are excellent navigators. I wish the bats ate more mosquitoes, but most bats prefer more bang for the buck delicacies such as moths etc.
Do the neighbors plan to eradicate the bats? We bought a house that had had a bat colony for years snd the amount of guano in the stud bays behind the drywall was impressive. Had to spray foam insulate to seal in the urine stench before replacing the drywall. It was a long hot task because we had to wear Tyvrk suits and respirators to work.
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We have told them a few times, but so far, they have done nothing. We can smell the guano coming from their attic.
Not sure what the public health regs are in your area.. but in my neck of the woods you can call the county to come out and cite them. yuck

Baby hawk was tapping on the picture windows this morning.. I guess he things he is part of the family. ;)
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