Why would a chlorinator be BAD for your pool?


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Jun 12, 2019
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Just purchased my house last year and it came with an inground 28k gallon inground pool with inline chlorinator (downline from the heater) I had a professional come out to make sure the pool and equipment was in working order and everything passed with A+ rating. However, a note left by the previous pool company who cleaned the pool regularly noted "don't bother using the chlorinators they are bad for pools". I've done my research and cant see why it would be bad unless the equipment was faulty. Any insight from TFP community would be greatly appreciated!


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May 3, 2014
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The chlorinator itself is not bad, but the continued use of trichlor pucks/tablets without testing and understanding the water chemistry will result in algae or other undesirable water conditions.
Here are a bunch of video tutorials that may be useful. TFP-TV - Trouble Free Pool
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry


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Apr 17, 2010
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They are not evil all unto themselves. Just like anything else, don't over do it and monitor your cya level. Can be useful when you pop out of town or vacation for a few days.