Why the delay when testing effects of adding CYA?


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Nov 27, 2018
Okay, thank you, simpler than I expected...I thought maybe it had to bond to FC or something more complicated like that. The effects of adding MA or liquid chlorine can usually be measured within a much shorter time.

Still learning...

I've slowly added 4 lb. of CYA 1 lb. at a time trying to raise the level from 60 to 70/80. I can already see a difference in the effects of UV on FC. I was hesitant to raise the CYA per the chart but I was running the SWCG at 60% 24/7 and wasn't keeping up (dropping around .2 ppm per day). Started raising the CYA 3 days ago just adding the last pound this morning. Now FC is rising around .2 ppm per day. I can now see the reason to have higher levels in a salt water pool...reduce SWCG run time resulting in longer life of the cell.

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May 31, 2015
Gaylesville, AL
I run a Chlorine pool... not salt, and I found that given my location, I was better to run my CYA at 60 to help with chlorine loss due to sunlight, and heat.
My Stenner doesn't have to work as long, and my bleach barrel doesn't need topping up as often.