Why I Need To Close by Oct 23rd Each Year ;)


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Aug 17, 2012
Elverson Pa.
Good timing ! I had a huge maple about 35-40 ft from our pool which was down wind of it. It's no longer there. The worst was the seed pods from it in the spring. Couldn't dare take the winter cover off it until they were all done. I hated that tree. ?


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May 14, 2007
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I know trees add oxygen to the air, I also know trees use up co2, I also know trees keep the earth cooler.

I believe my use of electricity to power my leaf blower/mulcher offsets, the oxygen added. My huffing and puffing eats up that nice oxygen and my expulsion of co2 no tree could keep up with.

I have 12 mature maples in my yard and near my pool, why is it that every single bloody leaf within a mile has to make its way to my pool. Do not get me started on helicopter seeds lol.


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Sep 18, 2013
West Grove, PA
quick question about your liner. I like how your liner looks nice and tight across your pool and there is very little "sag" in the middle. My safety cover sags down in the middle and I was wondering if I just need to tighten the straps on my springs, or if mine is supposed to sag in the middle. It seems to drop about a foot from where the edge of my pool is down to the middle of the pool. It already seems to be installed really tightly as I have to really stretch the springs when I'm installing the liner so I've always been a little hesitant to tighten the straps any tighter.
I also noticed in the spring when I took the liner off to open the pool that with all the snow and ice we had last winter (and the shifting of the liner) that the springs were getting stretched so far that they started to cut into the steel coping around the top of the pool (mainly just scraping the white paint off but in some spots, really digging into the metal).


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Apr 27, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
Task, there's a bit of give in the center, but I suspect it looks taut because the guys who close my pool keep the water level high since I'm in a high water table area on the side of a hill with a terrace above on the right side of that pic...ergo the extra pressure ostensibly prevents collapse, liner-shifting etc. I have French drains below the surrounding gravel that handles run off. So they blow the lines and add antifreeze, but do not lower the water level. Could be the difference in the way it looks. Sometimes the hydrogeology of a location contraindicates lowering the water level.

And good grief, yes those spring maple keys are a pita in the pump basket ;) Love the tree though.