Why does pool become cloudy when algae becomes chlorinated?


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Jun 1, 2016
Buffalo, NY
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Just curious to learn the reason behind this.

I had a good amount of algae growth due to very hot days and laziness.

Hit it with 3 bottles of 12% bleach.

Pool turned from Green but CLEAR (you can see to the bottom even with the green) to a Blue color and cloudy (can’t see the bottom).

what happens that causes this?


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May 28, 2015
Quebec, QC
Usually, when you chlorine-shock living algae, you bleach their internal chlorophyll content, so the pool goes from green to cloudy. During the SLAM process, the bleached dead algae are filtered out, and the pool will gradually clear. A pool can appear clear, but still have algal growth on the bottom or where there is less turbulent mixing. After shocking and vacuuming, the water might still have a cloudy residue, which should disappear after a few days, if you are careful in maintaining the SLAM process
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