Why can't I get the chlorine to go down?

Sep 3, 2017
Richmond, VA
Hi everyone, I posted a while back about some weird issues and it was recommended I get the TPF kit and I did. My pH was really low and I tried to bring it up before fixing the alkalinity... You can guess what happened...:) Overshot the the pH. I just added a bit more acid (after after measuring carefully) and the filter is running and I hope the next ph test will be (finally) in the range I want.

So here's the problem.... My chlorine is still pretty high. I've had it on filter pump only (no chlorine generation) since mid July (!!) and my FC is still 15ppm (CC is 0.5ppm, maybe 1.0- is it supposed to turn pink if you let it sit?) after I let it get really high in July (not sure how high because I only had strips) because I thought I had algae. No CYA because I've been trying to burn off this chlorine for a month now, the last thing I want is to stabilize it. Alkalinity is still high at 160 but I'm trying to see if lowering pH will help that first.

Any idea on what is going on with the chlorine? I've been keeping it uncovered, which I hate because the bugs get in it. It doesn't get much sunlight but even so...

I would like to swim before fall :( I might just wind up dumping some water out and refilling part of it but this seems so baffling that it would take so long.

Many thanks!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
As you are not entering your test results in Poolmath (which is shared), can you post up your current test results.

You are generating chlorine. There is no physical way your FC would not have dropped without adding chlorine.

If your CYA is 40 ppm or above, your FC of 15 is safe to swim in.
Sep 3, 2017
Richmond, VA
pH was.. 8.4? Hard to say because it didn't quite match the color scale. I'm working on lowering it now.
15 ppm FC, 0.5 CC
160 alkalinity
I haven't added in CYA
I have pool math but I don't think I've linked it.

I don't know how chlorine is generating- I'm more than willing to believe that the SWG is generating despite it saying that it's only filtering but I didn't even run it for the last week because I suspected that. I haven't added anything (chlorine-wise, or anything at all until today in the last week). I kind of expected the water to turn green (it didn't). I'm totally baffled.