Whose pool took the longest to build? -- day 406 and still waiting on Cantera Pools


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Jun 29, 2019
Boerne, TX
Today marks day 406 since the hole was dug and it's been 4 weeks since Cantera Pools has been out here to finish up the final things. The concrete guy did come out to fill some decking cracks, but I contacted him and set up the repair.

We're still waiting on:
- ScreenLogic 2 -- to replace a defective EasyTouch remote control -- the front plastic is separating from the controller
- Footprints in the plaster -- Trebol Plaster left boot prints in the Quartzscapes finish -- PB says they can acid treat them
- Automatic pool filler -- PVC ball valve is leaking
- Spigot vacuum breaker -- requires replacement after installing the automatic pool filler PVC to the hose bib
- Pool chemicals in lieu of a pool test kit
- Acid washing blue pool plaster off spa wall

So who else had a pool project that just kept going (and going and going), and how long did your build take?
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Jun 7, 2018
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Well, we haven't heard from @kernul in a long time.


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Jul 17, 2019
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Wow, there is an Aggie joke in there somewhere.

All kidding aside, can you at least use your pool now? Do you have the final payment withheld so you have some leverage on the PB? Good luck, that sucks.


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Jun 29, 2019
Boerne, TX
I've heard some Aggie jokes, but never really understand them. ;)

Yes, we've been able to swim in the pool since a little after it was filled back in May, on day 334 of construction. And yes, we will owe them a final payment, once they eventually finish and no matters are pending.

By the time these reviews were posted, we had already signed the contract. Cantera Pools - Bandera, TX


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Longest to build???? How about somewhere in the vicinity of three years? Very embarrassing.