Who knows anything about exterior house paint


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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
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So we need to paint the house. Its Florida so its a concrete block stucco house. Apparently I have been told to get Benjamin Moore paint. The paint contractor specified Ultra Spec. So when I went into the store to get samples to try decide what color we want the store folks said “oh thats contractor grade paint, you want our Regal line”

Well now we have 10 different swatches painted all over the house and still have not chosen a color (but thats a different problem).

So does anyone know what paint I need to specify for the job. Is contractor grade paint bad? I dont mind paying more for better quality (within reason).


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Dec 26, 2019
NE Oklahoma
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I had my stucco house painted in 2009. I have the heavy texture stucco, and at the time, I was planning on coming back and grinding the texture down to get it a little smoother. So the painter I was using recommended not to spend a ton of money on the paint, and we went with Sherwin's A100 exterior paint. I have not yet ground down the texture and I have zero issues with the paint. I've had windows replaced and some other exterior work done over the past 11 years and we've touched up the paint with no issues either.

I can't advise on Benjamin Moore paints since I've never used them, but I'll bet they have an equivalent to the A100.



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Jun 16, 2019
As much as I hate Home Depot, I really really like all versions of Behr paint. The exterior version holds up great (for me) too. When we moved I had to match some rooms at Benjamin Moore and not only was it stupid expensive, I was not happy with how it rolled at all. Behr goes on like Elmers glue.

Either way you want a thick nap on the roller to accommodate all the bumps and I imagine it’s gonna be messy.
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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
Everyone has their favorite paint. Newdude likes Behr paint but I won't let that stuff get near my house. I used it once and it went on terribly. I only use Sherwin Williams.

I would recommend going with the higher quality of whatever paint manufacturer you use. Labor is a large part of this job. Higher quality paint may let you go more years between repainting.
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Aug 6, 2021
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I did alot of research and landed on SW Duration paint for my stucco block house. We're very happy with the results. It's not cheap, but they run 40% off sales from time to time.
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