Who is responsible? Me? Liner company? Maintenance company?


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Jan 22, 2019

We had our liner replaced last month in an income property. Our pool maintenance company recommended a firm that they use for their clients. (This liner company also does maintenance). They installed the liner and a few issues came up:

1. The liner company connected an outlet on the side of the pool that was previously decommissioned (which our maintenance company knew about. We had been operating the pool with only the main (bottom) drain. So the water that we purchased to fill the pool after the new liner went in, quickly needed to be replaced. We had to have our paying guests constantly monitoring the water level with a hose, refilling, until that was diagnosed a week or two later by the maintenance company.

Who is responsible for the $$ in water and the damage to our reputation?

2. The liner install was a bit sloppy. There are folds and gaps by the steel steps. They (the liner company) tried to remediate them but they were not able to. This will have an impact on the durability of the liner as people will graze the folds/wrinkles coming in an out of the pool.

How should we proceed? Does it make sense to get a new liner because of this? The pool is the major draw to the house. Should the liner company be paid in full for their job?

I would be interested to know the perspective of pool companies on this matter as well as pool owners.

Thank you!

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1) Unless the decommissioned outlet was spelled out in writing to the liner installers, you are unfortunately responsible. Even though the maintenance company knew about it, it's not their responsibility to pass it along to the installers.

2) Read the installer contract very closely. You'll likely find that small wrinkles are normal and not actionable. However, if the contract doesn't state that, you can ask the installer to rectify them and see how they respond. Without seeing the liner there's no way any of us can tell you if a new liner is warranted.


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1. I think the cost of the water is yours unless you specifically communicated about the bad outlet.

2. You are speculating that the folds will cause premature failure of the liner. Maybe it will, and maybe it will not. You can put the liner company on notice, keep them informed, and discuss it with them should the liner fail.

From what you describe I hear no reason for you to withhold payment.