Who has a fiber optic pool light, what kind, recom., etc


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May 21, 2007
Sebastian, FL - USA
Hi, me again. This time looking for people who have a fiber optic pool light or light system. I am thinking about going that route and having the pool and waterfall and landscape all changing colors in sync. Do you like you fiber optic light, would you do it again? How bright are they, how many filaments does yours have? What brand do you have? Any pictures? Thanks for your help. Sure am glad I found this forum before I got too far along with my pool. Ron 8)


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Mar 30, 2007
Virginia Beach
I have fiberoptic lighting. I like it a lot but I don't really have any thing to compare it to to say whether it's better or worse than any other system. I have (2) 75 strand lights accenting my waterfall and a 300 strand light in the end of the pool itself. It's a smallish white fiberglass pool (under 7000 gal) and the one light in the end of the pool illuminates the pool perfectly. However I have seen the same setup in a larger blue fiberglass pool and the single 300 strand light was not sufficient. Fiber is also pretty expensive for the fiber itself so if you have longer runs in might not be cost effective. I have some images here of the system that I have and some shots of the waterfall illumination during the build stage.

http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e40/k ... ?start=all

I have a Fiberstars Quartz Halogen Illuminator, model 2004. I also got the Constant color port system upgrade that allows it to hold additional fibers. As a measure, 14ft of 300 strand fiber was $274.00 and 15ft of 75 strand was $75.00.