White stains in new plaster


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Jul 15, 2021
Houston TX
Hi all!

First off, love the amount of knowledge that's shared on this forum, I've been reading for a while, and have come to the point of posting :)

Just had my pool remodeled (new coping, tile and plaster) and have a couple questions on the plaster job that was done:

1. Plaster is CL Industries Chrytalstones Smooth (a pebble finish see here)
2. Plaster job was done in about 8 hours on a dry day in Houston (90ish)
3. In the last hour of plastering, rain started coming down (unexpected) and left some pooling on my sun shelf and steps (see picture 1)
4. Plastering company said the white "rings" of the water pooling would come out with proper startup and brushing
5. Also saw some white stains before the crew left on the sun shelf, these are still present currently (picture 2)
6. I'm brushing twice (sometimes three times a day) - and am patient with it (see picture 3 and 4 on current state, taken 30 minutes ago, 2 days after pool fill)

Probably too early to say, and I need to brush for longer / give the chemicals time to do their work, but interested in your perspectives...


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Jul 25, 2011
It is unlikely that brushing will effectively remove the stains and marks on the plaster surface. And proper water chemistry and startup are not the answer either. The plaster company should take responsibility to remedy this.


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Jul 25, 2011
A pebble surface makes it difficult to effectively sand and polish. However, I would try very hard to see what sanding can accomplish.
I worry that an acid treatment of any kind will only temporarily work for a short time because "acid etching" is rarely a good thing to do to plaster surfaces. Good luck.
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