White Pool Plaster Looks Pitted (4 seasons)


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Jul 2, 2018
Hey everyone,

Im in my 4th season with my pool and my pool plaster looks almost pitted. I don’t think it’s actually pitted if I really look at it. I think it’s exposing small per level like affect in the plaster. The pool is just a plain white plaster. Is this normal?

I know my pool has high CH due to hard water, but I try to keep the PH around 7.0-7.2 to offset. I’m also always getting white flakes in the pool that I can’t seem to get to stop regardless of what I do. Also getting calcium nudules I believe on the walls now. So just some extra background in case any of that would explain why my plaster is starting to look like it is. I’ve been posting in the chemistry forums about those issues.


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