White flake issue


Oct 18, 2019
Palm beach Florida
I'm in this thread late but agree 100% with ajw22. Once you get your balance in check things will turn around. Do you have any idea what their pool care was in the first 30days after plaster was applied?
I’m not sure. I know they didn’t add salt in like day 28 or something. I had to brush a couple times a day. But we didn’t have any issue until after we did the acid bath. It’s refilled and the calcium level are back within “normalish” range. I’m just working on getting the chemicals all balanced.

Tres Gatos

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Apr 13, 2019
Bullhead City, AZ
I took out my SWG due to high CH 350 fill water and Arizona evaporation caused it to go to 1500+ very quickly . Flakes on SWG plates, in the pool and on the filters there is no way to balance that just drain and refill every year. Now just adding liquid chlorine twice a week.