White fibers / flakes in pool


May 27, 2020
Massapequa, NY
Hi all,

New pool owner here. Finally think I've been able to master the chemistry side of things and believe all of my levels are in good shape.

All of a sudden today, we are noticing many white fibers and flakes suspended within the water of the pool (not floating on top), which we have never seen before. Picture is attached. My wife suspected that it was some sort of pollen from trees, but it doesn't add up since it's literally everywhere and pool is always covered when not in it (we have an auto cover). We had pretty heavy bathing loads last weekend for 4th of July so bumped FC up to ~10 prior using the SWG. We were also for a few days which was followed by some rainy days, so pool has not been in use or open for most of the week, which is unusual for us. Could this be some sort of white mold due to pool not receiving light in a while? I did scrub the walls and run vacuum yesterday, which I do weekly.

I'm using the TF Test Kit and have the following numbers:

FC 5.0
CC 0.0
PH 7.5
TA 70
CYA 70
CH 100

Any tips or guidance is appreciated!




May 27, 2020
Massapequa, NY
One other thought. My TA was 110+ and have been working on lowering it for a few weeks. I didn't think anything of it, but the MA I used was Klean Strip Green from Home Depot.

Could that have had additives that could cause this?

Doubt it's from a brush due to volume and differing sizes and shapes of the white stuff. Also, all of my equipment is brand new.




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May 27, 2019
Houston, TX
Look at the acid bottle and verify the strength.

On the fibers, they look like pool brush fibers. I had this issue this year and replaced my brushes.

Texas Splash

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I'm not aware of any issues with Kleen Strip. We might normally assume some of the stuff you see is scale coming off is from the SWG cell since you recently did an acid dosage. But as Marty noted, your numbers don't indicate scale. But it's a bit of a mystery. I'd recommend leaving the cover and keeping the FC slightly elevated for the remainder of the day. Reevaluate tomorrow to see if it's any better.


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Aug 20, 2017
Panama City Beach, FL
going to go out on a limb and say sunscreen. noticed it when we had company over swimming and noticed they were using some ultra sweat proof sun screen. they were laying on it heavy.

i got some of it between my finger tips and started rubbing. it took a second but you could easily see it was a lotion of some sorts.

it all disappeared in a few days.

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