WhisperFlo replacement with IntelliFlo VSF


Nov 5, 2015
Hi there...

I'm thinking in replacing my current WhisperFlo with an Intelliflo VSF and I have a couple of questions... My current equipment is Whisperflo, booster pump for the cleaner and another pump for the water features. The pool is about 12,000 gallons. Will the Intelliflo be enough to replace all three pumps?


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Nov 12, 2017
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It's not a given. We have folks here that can answer that, but they could give you a better answer if they knew more about your setup:
- What brand/model cleaner.
- GPM requirement of the features (or similar clues about what they are or how much water they need).

Filling in your signature with all the details of your pool is always helpful. Something similar to mine would be good...

I doubt you'll be able to lose the booster pump. I got rid of mine by converting my vac's pressure line to a suction line and replacing my Polaris pressure-side cleaner with a suction model. Others here will encourage you to get a robot cleaner.


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May 20, 2020
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@shulk I would keep the 2nd pump used for the water feature. It is always a good back up to circulation if for some reason your main pool pump went down or you had a filter issue, etc. Most likely since you have a water feature pump, it probably has its own suction line (from side of the pool). Need confirmation of that.

@Dirk is correct, if you have a booster pump, most likely for a pressure side cleaner (need that to be confirmed by you), you will most likely need to keep that to operate your cleaner.

Try to provide what size suction and return lines you have - look at the diameter of pipes that are going in the ground (not connecting to the equipment) - again most likely that is the size of pipe underground - hopefully.
Once you provide more info on your set up, then recommendations can be firmed up.
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