Whirlpool Tub Cleaning/Sanitize


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Jan 2, 2013
I’ve trie searching but haven’t come up with much. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to clean the pipes in a whirlpool tub? The type in a bathroom that is like a bathtub but with jets is what I’m talking about. We are likely buying a house with one that has been used since 2014 and I’d like to be sure to clean the thing to flush out the biofilm and other nasties that are likely present.

When we had a stand alone spa (Jacuzzi J-375) I used System Flush by SeaKlear each water change but from reading here recently it seems Ahhsome is the preferred product to clear out biofilm. Does anyone have a recommendation on a plan to get the tub cleaned up when we move in? I also wonder about a regimen to keep it clean and safe on an ongoing basis. After using it add chlorine to 100ppm and circulate for an hour before draining? Do that once a month or something?

I’m just guessing here, I had good results following the trouble free method for the Jacuzzi but with a tub that’s is drained everytime I don’t know how to prevent biofilms from becoming an issue. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas you have.


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Jun 16, 2019
Mn, read up on their website and get the AhhhSome for the plumbing. They have different kinds for different applications and regular maintenance. I got some for my hot tub that had been winterized for a few years after reading about it here. I used the whole container because each cycle kept spitting out more crud. It took a week with a few cycles a day. Overall i had alot of built up crud but it was a little each time. I didnt have the epiphany results of handfulls of sludge like most people, but it definitely worked as promised.