While on filter, water is filtering and backwashing


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Jul 5, 2018
Beaumont, TX
I have a DE pump. The spider gasket on port was recently replaced. All filters in pump were replaced.
Everything was working well a day ago but now the water, while on filter, is filtering but also “backwashing “
I did have a service put in “wrong” spring on port but, according to him, it only changed the positions of the operations. And, until a day ago, it was working okay.
Also, is it okay to have the gauge on half skimmers and half bottom drain while filtering? Thanks for help.


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May 3, 2014
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Sounds like your MPV valve is not re-assembled correctly or the gasket has failed in side of it. Read the article above for ideas.

Your valve setting for skimmers vs main drain can be 90+% skimmers. Just enough from the main drain to move the water in the pipe. Them main drain does essentially nothing in keeping the water clean, etc.