Which type of heater in NJ?


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Jul 4, 2010
We are purchasing an inground pool and have the option to get either a hayward h250fd series gas heater or a rheem r410A heat pump. The heat pump is 2k-3k more upfront (even after taking into consideration running electric or a gas line) but is supposedly cheaper in the long run. However I have heard that they are almost useless when the weather is below 65 degrees. We were hoping to use the pool (16k gallons) in may and september.

Any thoughts or experiences appreciated!



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Aug 24, 2009
Central NJ
Have you considered solar? We had an AG pool put in last summer in NJ w/a solar system & swam until the end of Sept in 83 - 85 degree water. This year, we swam the whole first week of May when the water was 85. The weather was a bit cool for most of the rest of May... well, we could have gotten in but high 70s water was still too cool for me. If you need to heat it beyond that, supplemental heat could be used, but the solar system doesn't have any energy cost beyond running the pump.


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Aug 24, 2009
Central NJ
When I was looking into solar last summer, I found this list:
Solar Pool Heating System Businesses in New Jersey

... and ended up using SolarSwim. I liked their Heliocol solar panels and ended up also having them install a GoldLine Aqua Solar TC control unit for the pump timer and automatic temperature control (changes valve to use solar panels when the panels are hotter than the desired pool temp).


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May 3, 2009
Solar is good in the fact that it is low cost (doesn't cost more than running your pump), but if it is really cloudy...not gonna help too much.
If you are wanting to be able to keep a constant temp you will need more than solar.
Heat pumps are more in the first place, but you don't have the $500 gas bills in the summer either so it depends on what you want. Money up front and less over the life of the heater or vice versa.
I have seen a video of someone running a heat pump in the 30's....lemme see if I can find it...

We also have a heat pump for our house and it runs til 40 degrees then the gas furnace takes over so I'm not sure about where you got the 65 degree from, but they will work fine when colder than 65.

Heat pumps will also take longer to heat your water, but are fine to maintain a temp. So if you are the type to only swim on weekends you still need to heat through the week with a heat pump. Gas is faster, but again more money when running.

So you have to pick the type that fits your lifestyle and ongoing budget.

Hope my ramblings make sense and help you out a little.


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May 3, 2008
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Regardless of what heater you choose, I would get a solar cover. It will help retain heat in the pool overnight and will slow the cooling on cold days.

For full disclosure, I have a heat pump and run my pool from mid-April to October and it's fine (We're in Montgomery County, PA). It does heat slower than gas, but is much less expensive to run.

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