Which Stenner Econ T for Acid Dosing?


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May 15, 2018
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Hi all,

I have a SWG pool that consistently needs 60-64 ounces of MA per week and I'd like to add an automated pump. I have a Crystal Pure salt gen and Century motor, with the aux circuit running the booster pump for the pressure side cleaner. So I've landed on the Stenner Econ T series for it's ability to operate the timing all built in (And not try to create an automation system with what I have). Plus I can adjust run times as seasonal needs change. I plan to dilute 1:1 and run the pump with 6-8 sessions per day well inside the run time of my pump motor schedule. I just want to check my thinking against your great knowledge and experience.

  1. Should I go with the 2.5 or 5 GPD Econ T pump? Its simply a matter of run time, just wondering which is better - higher/quicker flow or lower/slower flow? My current calc has me running the 2.5 GPD for 14 min sessions 6 times per day.
  2. I plan to go with a Stenner 7.5 Gallon tank, that way if something ever happened and all the acid dilution was dumped in the pool, it would only lower my 31.5K pool PH by 3.7 (according to TFP Pool Math). Not ideal but not detrimental.
  3. For ease of plumbing I can put the injection tee as last in the outlet line, after my salt gen. I've read putting it before the salt gen would help with cleaning, however this would require a significant plumbing rework. I can continue to clean my salt gen as usual. Any other reason not to go with this configuration?
  4. Has anyone used the Econ T. As I understand, it comes with all the lines, I'l just need the 2" PVC with 1/2 female thread inlet to screw the injector in, correct?
  5. Does the acid/water mix in the tank need to be agitated somehow? Meaning will the acid settle and the pumped ratio get out of whack?
Thanks in advance!​
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We have a few acid Stenner users but you got no responses so I will take a wack at your questions.

1. Dunno
2. PoolMath calculations are not accurate for pH changes of more than .2. So don’t trust that number. There was a recent thread about a large dose of MA in a pool. If you have a heater such acidic water can damage the heat exchanger. Since you don’t have a signature detailing your pool equipment i cant comment further.
3. I would not be dosing acid before your SWG and having acidic water flow through it. It will wear on the plates and shorten the SWG life.
4. Dunno
5. I have not heard of anyone needing to stir the water/acid mix in their tank.