which screenlogic package?


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May 26, 2018
Long Island, NY
I’m ready to buy my EasyTouch setup. As many have stated it would be silly not to get the tablet/pc integration. However which package should I get?




They are exactly the same price. I don’t really need the wireless since I can run a cable from the panel to the inside of my house fairly easily. Is the only difference the wireless? is the wireless needed for other things like remotes and such? Can I eBay the wireless stuff if I never use it?



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Jul 7, 2014
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You want the 522104, which comes with the protocol adapter and the wireless transceivers...

The other package only has the protocol adapter...

My protocol adapter was hardwired to the ET. My neighbor took a direct lighting strike and it took out the main board in my ET and because it was hard wired came into the house took out the protocol adapter and everything connected to the same Ethernet switch.. Had it been connected wirelessly, I would not have had to replace so much stuff... Sigh!!

No matter what, since they are the same price, buy the one with the most stuff... :p


Jim R.