Which salt reading do I trust? Leslies or IntelliChlor


Sep 14, 2021
Dallas, TX
I tested my water at Leslies yesterday and they said that my salt level in my pool was at 3000 PPM. My Pentair EasyTouch panel says the salt level is 3800 PPM.

Which number do I trust?

(BTW, I just put in a brand new IntelliChlor this week. The old IntelliChlor was reporting 4100PPM )


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Jul 7, 2014
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Which number do I trust?


Neither one... :mrgreen:

The IntelliChlor salt accuracy is +/- 600 ppm...

Leslies, is worse just depending on who runs the tests... :(

I never trust what the cell reports without double checking with my Taylor K-1766, which has a accuracy of +/- 200 ppm.

The IntelliChlor is known for shaky salt level readings due to failed thermistors inside the flow switch assembly... If the only problem with your old cell was a high salt level reading, you might be able to fix it by installing a new flow switch yourself.


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