Which Robot to replace Polaris 280


Aug 12, 2015
Flower Mound, TX
Hello. I have a Polaris 280 in my 24K gunite IG Pool. The Polaris misses large parts of the pool and steps (especially fine dirt is left behind). I was wondeing if the Dolphin Nautilus CC would solve these issues? If not, which Pool robot would be recommended? Or something else? TIA!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I am not sure any cleaner will get your steps..

I have had several robots at my house and rent house pools, and by far the best ones have been the Dolphin S200. Just dirt simple with no fancy bells and whistles. If you need the noise, they sell the S300 and S300i.. I suggest you talk with Margaret.. They can't sell over the internet, but can by phone. They are a small and busy place, so keep trying.

Margaret Mills
Marina Pool, Spa & Patio
7777 West Jewell Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado 80232
[email protected]


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May 27, 2019
Houston, TX
One of my neighbors just replaced his Polaris 280 with a Dolphin Nautilus CC plus. I think this is the same as the S200. His Polaris fell apart. He really likes the pool robot. He threw it in my pool and it picked up a bunch of grit that the 280 missed.
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