Which Robot M600 or Polaris ALPHA iQ+?

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Apr 21, 2020
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moved from here.. M600 or Polaris ALPHA iQ+?

I ended up getting the IQ+. Got it on Polaris Days (stated today) for $1350 + $125 rebate + 1 year extra warranty (total of 3 years like M600).
I am in the same boat. I'm looking at the Dolphin/Maytronics M600 or the Polaris Alpha IQ+. Sounds like there are plusses and minuses to both, but it seems the Polaris has the better software. Another pool company here in NJ is having a Polaris days this weekend (I missed Leslie's Polaris days last week :mad:) and I was going to buy the Alpha IQ+ to take advantage of the sale price.

I also called Marina Pool and Spa and asked them about the M600. All told, sounds like the net prices will be about the same for both. I'm still torn. Seems to be good and bad with either. I was hoping to come to this forum and find a consensus LOL!

It seems the Polaris Alpha IQ+ has been a step up from its predecessor. However, I was sold on the M600 (except for the horrible software) but it seems everyone that has the Polaris Alpha IQ+ are happy with it and the software works. But, from videos I saw, it only has one set of brushes and doesn't seem to hug the wall like the Dolphin's do (this could just be perception from YouTube vids). Also, the basket is a bit smaller on the Polaris as well.

For anyone that has seen or used both, does the Polaris clean as well with one set of brushes as the Dolphins with two? Some people on this forum weren't impressed with the M600. I also considered the Dolphin S300i but I like the extra power of the M600 if I was going to go with a Dolphin robot. I have a forest behind my house and typically run my cleaner everyday in the summer so the extra power would come in handy. Especially with the severe summer thunderstorms we get here in the northeast that leave a mountain of debris in your pool.
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Feb 7, 2020
I trialed the Alpha iq+ and it did a good job but I ended up going with the epic 8640. It has tracks and 2 sets of brushes and hugged the wall better on my pool. The wheels on the Alpha would catch the coping and make it hop off the wall. I felt the software on the Alpha was good and it moved with more of a purpose rather than random roaming.


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I have tested both the wheeled Polaris models and the tracked Dolphin models. Not the IQ+ nor the M600 though. I have found that the tracked Dolphins do climb the wall better. With either type I would recommend getting the fine/extra fine filters.
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Jul 7, 2020
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I ended up getting the Dolphin Active 60 (same as the M600 just different color)from Marina Pool and Spa. It does and outstanding job cleaning. When its finished its cycle, there is not a speck of dirt left on the floor of my pool. I really like the large basket and additional fine particle filters included. The fine filters come in handy, as sometimes I get some DE in the pool when charging my filter. The only area where it lacks a slight bit is it doesn't seem to get all the tile line in a single cycle. Not a big deal as it does such a great job cleaning the rest of my pool.

The software and WiFi and Bluetooth connections have been working great, with the exception of the Pick Me Up feature which can be a slight bit wonky at times.

I highly recommend upgrading to the M600/Active 60 if you can afford it. It is much faster at cleaning a pool than my neighbour's Dolphin Premier. The dual independent front brushes do a great job of scrubbing all areas of my pool.
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Jun 19, 2022
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+1 on the M600. First time/year pool owner (10+ yr plaster) and was prepared be scrubbing away all summer. This robot plus borates have the rocks clean and I have only been scrubbing the few spots the M600 can not access (corners along stairs and seats). I wished there were more parameters to adjust but its been working well for me.
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