Which part to replace first on Jandy LXI 25 ON?


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Nov 18, 2014
Argyle TX
My Jandy LXI 25 ON heater stopped working in the spring and since I live in Texas I opted not to fix it going into the hot months. Now that winter has arrived I'd like to get it going. The display panel is dead and I'm told while it may be the panel it could also be the Universal Power Control Board which I assume is the main board. Unfortunately it seems there is no way to determine which is the bad part and I need to just start replacing them until the issue is resolved. Given the cost of parts I'd like to start with the most likely part and looking at the Universal Power Control Board there are a number of components that show corrosion so it may be that it got wet and shorted. I'd appreciate some seasoned advice on the sequence on where to start the process of replacing the parts and if possible a recommendation on the best on line source for such parts. Thanks.



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Jul 6, 2011
Here is a link to a site that has a PDF version of the manual. You should be able to at least use a volt meter to test a few places to make sure you have voltage into the unit and at the board. From there you should also be able to test to see if you have power to the blower etc. There is also a power distribution PCB on this unit as well that you should check out.