Which is correct?


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Sep 9, 2020
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We just got our pool filled With water 6 weeks ago... Its brand new pebble sheen gunite pool which the spa is flush attached. The pool builder gave us the pentair kit and all equipment is Jandy. Its Jandy aquapure 1400 and the pool is just under 24000gallons.
We purchased a Taylor salt kit in addition to the other that was given.
Last week everything including Ph was in normal range.
Salt: 3000ppm
Cl: 3

after 3 days of rain from Beta storm( we are in north Houston)
Now its:
When I measure with my kits:
Salt: 3000ppm
Cl: 3( but it was such a dark yellow I decided to take it first time to Leslies)( this 3 ppm is the highestof the scale so i cant measure if its more)
Ph: 8.2

leslies test result is:
Salt: 2400ppm
Cl: 9.5
Ph: 8.2...

this is big difference in salt...
Is 3000 reading from taylor or leslies 2400 correct?

on the Jandy sensor it says 3.3 gpm...

thanks for all the answers!


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May 20, 2020
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In addition to the Taylor Salt test kit, did you purchase a test kit as recommended Test Kits Compared
These test kits will help you determine FC levels above 3ppm.
You will find that pool store testing (such as Leslie's) are very inconsistent and you can get contamination from the previous pool to your pool sample water.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Aylcn, welcome to TFP..... glad to have you join us.

You have a new pool... salt... it still has curing plaster, hence your pH will tend to rise for a few months. Use Muriatic Acid as needed to drop it back down to mid-7s. Until we have a full set of test results from a test kit we trust (quality, reproducible results, drop tester for accuracy) I can't tell you how often your pH will rise because its also affected by your TA and the

The TF-100 test kit is what I use- www.tftestkits.net or you can find the K-2006C Taylor kit. Both are equivalent but the TF-100 is a better buy. Most important is the FAS-DPD tester portion- don't buy any kit without that.

You rec'd a lot of rain which may have caused some dilution to your salt level. Although the salt test itself has a known variance of =/- 400 ish. I personally wouldn't trust my SWG device to be correct so I always trust the test kit (Taylor K-1766) instead.

Your Free Chlorine (FC) may be high because initial set up has it running at a high percentage or the pump run time is long. You will learn to tweak that based on needs. Generally as water cools and sun drops in the sky, chlorine levels last longer so you need to kick it back some.

We need to know:



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Dec 31, 2019
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Hi there - I’m in your area and experienced the same rain. I also have the same SWG you have, Aquapure 1400, and the same size pool. I can definitely relate to your situation.

First off, you need an accurate test kit. It sounds like you may be using test strips and the multi-colored ph / chlorine tester? Test strips are known as “guess strips” and are not very accurate. That multi-colored dual chlorine/ph tester is very accurate for pH, but it not accurate for chlorine. Buy the TF-100 kit mentioned above, along with the speedster accessory.

As for the amount of salt, I would trust your own test kit over Leslies, which is notoriously inaccurate. However, I do find it strange that your salt level did not decrease after the rain from Beta. Mine went down a few hundred ppm. Just to be clear, are you using the salt test that has droppers, where you test by looking for a color change? Or are you using salt test strips?

As for your chlorine level, a level of around 10 may be fine - it all depends on your CYA level, which you haven’t mentioned. The TF-100 also has a CYA test. Read the ABCs of this web site. Chlorine level you need depends on the CYA level.