Which is better or both same model different names > Doheny's Discovery vs Dolphin Triton PS


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Oct 31, 2010
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Have a 10% off offer so can purchase either Doheny's Discovery or Dolphin Triton PS 849.00 minus 10% or 85.00 off

Are they same Dolphin under different names ? Both appear to be also same as S20 or S200

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There's a thread out there already and it's quite extensive. You might want to grab a drink and start going through it. :cheers:



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Feb 5, 2018
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If you want the s200 Marina Pool Spa and Patio in Lakewood, CO sells the Pentair Warrior SE (s200 re badged for Pentair) for 699.00. You can get the s200 for around 720.00. You have to call or email them for this price, it is not available via internet order. Home - Marina Pool Spa & Patio
They are very busy and sometimes difficult to reach. Emails are usually answered with 24 hours. If you want to call they open at 10:00 am Denver time...call shortly after opening.