Which heat pump to buy for 3000 G AGP?


Mar 29, 2021
Olympia, WA
Hi everyone,

Which heat pump should I get for my 3000 gallons Bestway AGP? I am not sure if I need to worry about R32 (refrigerant) and DC inverter technology.

- Raypak crosswind 33k, 44k, or 61k BTU
- FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Heat Pump $1370 (120v will work with current outlet without any additional expenses). I'd install this one myself to save money.
- Some other brands?

How much does cost to install a heat pump? I'd have to install a new outlet and new wiring from the main breaker for 240-250v.

FYI, I will be heavily insulating the pool - on all sides. I already have R-10 XPS foam boards on the bottom. I am planning to make an R-10 XPS top cover as well.
I am planning to upgrade to a bigger pull in the future once kids a little older.

Thank you.
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