Which Filter/Pump for 24 x 52 round ABG Pool

We have a 24 x 52 round ABG Pool with a 1hp pump sand filter. We are planning on replacing the filter and pump because its old and doesn't run like it used too. Should we stick with a sand filter or go to D.E.?

Our pool sits in our back yard, which faces a dirt road. The pool gets full sun light and doesn't sit near a tree. The problem we have is that the fine dirt from the dirt road settles at the pool bottom. We will vacuum the pool and within a day or two depending on the wind and the traffic on the dirt road, the bottom of the pool is covered in that fine dirt. We know it has to be the dirt and not algae because we check out pool water everyday and the chemistry is always where it should be. We never shut the pump off and always leave it running 24/7.

Should we just replace the pump/ Filter with a new and better sand filter or switch to D.E.?

We want something where we don't have to vacuum the pool 3-5 times a week. When we Vacuum we have to set it on waste because if we vacuum while on filter then the dirt we suck up just goes back in the pool and the fine dirt will show up on the bottom of the pool at the end of the day.



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Apr 17, 2010
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What sized sand filter do you have in either inches or lbs. of sand? Maybe a larger one of those is your best bet. No filter is gonna be a cure for being next to a dirt road I think unless it's running 24/7---which is prohibitively expensive. Also, might I suggest a Pool Blaster Max with a fine filter bag as an alternative vacuum? 20 minutes, no hoses, rechargeable, and you're done with no water loss! Not on a dirt road here, but still vacuum at least 3 times a week in summer cause it's just too dang easy with that thing.

As far as--------doesn't run like it used too----------is concerned, have you ever deep cleaned your sand filter? It can make an amazing difference if your flow is reduced due to that.
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You can also try that first.