Which connector to use with Electric Water heater and above ground pool?


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Jun 7, 2019
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I never did that before so I apologize for silly questions but I am trying to increase the tempearture in my pool by a couple of degrees for the kids...

I am trying to connect Ecosmart Spa heater to my above-ground intex pool (4500 gallons).

The heater has: 1-1/2" pipe fittings.
The pool has flexible hose 1-1/2" in size.

I am planning to simply connect the hose going from the pump to the heater and back to the pool but I don't know what type of connectors I should buy?
Do I need some sort of union connectors to connect this hose with the heater?

This is the hose I had in mind:

Thanks for your help!


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May 23, 2015
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This is from the installation manual -

We recommend that all the water pipes or hoses within 3 feet of the inlet and outlet connections be rated for high temperature applications with a 150°F minimum.
My guess is that flex hose is NOT rated for 150F water temps and you will likely melt that connector on to the pipe. At a minimum you want to use 3 feet of CPVC pipe after the heater connections to ensure no one gets burned. Proper installation to code might require you to add on an external temperature-pressure relief valve (TP valve). A manual bypass plumbing loop would be a good idea to adjust the water flow going through the heater and allowing you to mix cold and hot water to avoid scalding at the return that could melt or damage Intex parts.