Which Brand to Buy?

May 28, 2008
I posted in another forum and was directed here - seems like a better place for this discussion. We are changing our filtration system and are seriously considering adding a SWGS. We have been given four different systems for our 20x40 inground pool - AquaComfort, Hayward, Goldline and Pentair. I really can't tell the functional difference between them - they do look different cosmetically, but that's all I can figure out. The Hayward one was super cheap (considering for a SWGS) at $899 with rebates. The others range form $1500-$2000, but the more important thing - which one works the best and is intuitive to operate for a novice like myself?


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Mar 31, 2008
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Welcome! JasonLion or someone who has had a SWG for a long time (or someone in the industry) will probably have specific recommendations, but I'm brand new at SWG and have a Pentair Intellichlor, put in by my Pool Builder (PB). My PB loves Pentair, so I didn't argue, and so far I love it.
I know that the Saltwater Chlorine Generators section of this forum has mixed reviews on this model (particularly the fail rate in the early months), so the verdict is still out, but so far so good :lol:. I would double-check the warranty and what's required to keep it valid.
It's super-easy to use and has a pretty straightforward Owner's Manual. So far I'm running it at 40%, for about 11 hours/day and it's keeping the Chlorine levels stable. All simple touchpad-type controls, and 'dummy lights' to let you know if anything needs attention.
Also, I put in less salt than was recommended at the very beginning, per my PB recommendations. This way, I did have to add a couple of more bags of salt after I got started, but it's easier to add salt than to remove it, of course.
Hope it goes well.


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May 7, 2007
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SWGs come in different sizes, so make sure you are being offered one in an appropriate size for your pool. The various brands are all about the same except on the very high end. Each company has had some problems at one point or another, but I don't consider that significant. At the high end I like the AutoPilot Digital. It has a couple of features that the others don't.