Where to start?


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Oct 26, 2014
Tulsa, OK
Hey Everyone,

My wife and I are looking for a 6-8 person spa for our new backyard. I'm have no idea how to even start the process of finding a great spa to enjoy for may years. Can anyone recommend some brands for a super efficient, well built spa?

How about installation...I'm guessing a slab will need to be poured. How about wiring? Is a simple 110V outlet sufficient? Any plumbing issues or are they self contained?



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Jul 18, 2014
Europe / The Netherlands
Hi. I'm pretty happy with my arctic spa. Looks great and works good. Nice massage jet's.
In europe it is always delivered with the enhanced bottom wich does not need concreet foundation. Just an even bed of sand will do. Mine is standing on a bed of sand with 1 1/2 inch tiles on top.
Depending on your local law is the conection on the power grid etc. We've also installed a water fossit next to the spa for filling and a drain on the sour for draining and refilling the spa. A power socket would be easy for connecting a pump for draining.


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Apr 27, 2012
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Welcome, Kareem's.
In the US, the majority of models large enough for 6-8 people will require a 220v isolated circuit, so your first step will be calling an electrician ;)

If you were looking at smaller "sport" style tubs, eg. 4-person, 300-gallon types, then its possible to get a model that runs on 110, but even though heat quicker erc. If you convert them to 220, and mfgs usually say they need their own circuit regardless.

With respect to brand names, many people say you simply "pay more" for lines like Hotsprings, but I don't know if that's true...I've had two models over my lifetime. The first was a VitaSpa, a company now owned I think by Maxx. I had minor issues with it as it aged. The longest-living has been a Jacuzzi, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year ;) Its a small sport style and I had to replace a pressure switch once, and the 2 HP pump once (after 17 years of service ;) and most recently, a capacitor. Not bad for 20 years! )

I've been looking at new ones and also barely know where to start...at this point, I may just keep on with od trusty ;) But I did take a look at some smaller models of the Hotspings line, and liked the Prestige -- a four person model with a semi-open design.

But I'm looking for something that will fit a tight footprint (78-84") and don't want certain features that others might...eg. I don't want a "lounge" molded into it.

Hopefully, people who've purchased a hot tub in the last decade will chime in with suggestions for you. The only reason i was looking at the energy-effcient Hot Springs models was because my repair guy mentioned they were a brand he personally liked and bought. Figured he might have a clue...and hes not the type to recommend a brand for the extra work ;) Best wishes in your search.