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Sep 19, 2014
Cibolo, TX
Howdy! I'm really interested in installing a Handy TruClear system to integrate with my current setup. The manual says it should be horizontal in a 16" section of pipe - I just don't see an option without major tear-up. Any ideas?sketch-1621269612137.jpg

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Yikes! That's tight. One way would be to cut right after the heater to divert the PVC and give you room for the install before the automated valve. The Jandy manual also recommends a check valve between the SWG and heater, so that's something to consider. Maybe someone sees another creative way to get you there.


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Dec 26, 2019
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Yeah, I'm not certain how much space is behind the heater inlet pipe, but could you possibly elbow out of the heater going back towards the bricks, bring the cell vertical between the brick and inlet pipe, and then bring it over and down into the 3-way valve?

A wider shot of the equipment pad might help with more ideas.

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