Where to Place Suction and Return Fittings?


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Aug 18, 2010
We are new pool/spa owners.
We have an above ground, vinyl therapy pool/spa, approx 1500 gals.
It is 7' x 7' x 50" deep. It comes with a Waterway Pump/Filter 1/8HP, 30 GPM, 25 sq. ft.
Heater is a 11KW electric.
Comes with two 1 1/2" dia. fittings for suction and return lines.
Where is the best height, location on the pool/spa walls to locate the fittings.
Should they be on the same side? Looks like only enough flexible piping for them being on the same side.
There are no jets, just suction and return for heating and sanitation.


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Oct 6, 2009
I have an inground pool, so it may be slightly different, but I'll offer up this little bit of advice that I wish my pool builder did for me. Stick your finger in your mouth, and hold it up in the air to determine in which direction your wind predominantly blows. Once you know that, determine if it's feasible to put your suction (skimmer) port directly in line with the wind direction, so as to catch all the stuff that gets pushed along the surface towards it.

My pool builder put both skimmers on the opposite ends of where the wind blows, and so now I'm always wrestling with debris gathering on one end of the pool.

Hope this helps!!


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Aug 18, 2010
Our 1500 gal pool is in a insulated garage. We should have mentioned that in the original post.
Heat loss is a major issue. We are prepared to insulate the vinyl walls of the therapy spa/pool and have a cover that will lie on the surface of the water.

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