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Jun 13, 2019
Hi all. I'm new to this entire pool thing. So let me start from the beginning. My 6 year old wanted a pool so I thought why not. So I purchased a inflatable ring top pool. Its 12ft around 36 deep. Its nothing spectacular but to her it's a wonderful thing. Also its good practice for me for down the road. The pool I set up on a cement slab in my yard. ( I do have a under pool pad down under it) The slab is not perfectly level maybe 1 1/2 inches off I thought it would be ok. Now I'm not to sure. The pool seems to be shifting or rolling. Im afraid over time it's going to be a real problem. It's only been up a few weeks and its shifted a very noticeable amount. I think I may drain it and put sand down on the slab to level it out. Frame it if I have to. I'm pretty much doing this myself my daughter tries to help .. but like I stated shes 6. So all advice welcome. I don't want to make another mistake. Yet I want to correct this error that I made.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Good for you for seeing this is not a good thing. Even though the slab looks level the water in the pool IS telling your otherwise. So what to do??? Is there any where in the yard you can put it? BUT while you are thinking about this know you will have to level the yard down to the low side. This is hard, hot, sweaty work but can be done.

Sand will compress and you will end up in the same position you are in now. A frame to keep it in is an idea but the first good rain will wash it out :(

Let me know what the yard situation is. We will work through what you can do to get this pool safe for you 6yr old daughter who is sleeping REAL good at night after having fun in the pool her wonderful Mom bought for her!

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Jun 22, 2009
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If there's another convenient place in the yard to put the pool, that would be best as Kim said. However, Since you already have the slab. If it's really only 1½" out of level from one side to the other, you could build a hexagonal or octagonal frame out of 2x4's a little bigger than the pool and put some damp sand in it and make it level. You'll have to fasten the frame to the slab to make it secure, but at no more than an inch and a half it would work. NOTE: if it's more than 2" I wouldn't recommend it.